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Name: Aki/Aikei/Miri/butyouknowmeas Sui <3
Age: [your age] 17
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Desired Character: Zetsu
Character's Age: 27
Grade / Occupation: Zetsu is a graduate Student at Tokyo University, majoring in Botany and plant Biology
Character's Model: Brian Viglione from the Dresden Dolls
Character's History/Biography:
Zetsu grew up a modest life. His father was an American in the navy and his mother was a Japanese woman originally from Nagasaki. They lived in an average sized apartment with an average income on both sides. Their baby, sadly, was not average. Zetsu showed early signs of antisocial behavior and barely cried at all, but that wasn't what made him special. As well as an iron deficiency in his blood, He developed a skin disease, a sort of reversed Vidiglio. On one side of his skin, there were dark patches of pigmentation. When he was old enough to be left with one, his parents left Zetsu with a nanny so they could go to work. Her background had checked out well, but the background of her lover had never been touched. The man she was engaged to was a serial killer that the police had yet to catch and she was, essentially, his accomplice. Something about the man drove her slowly into madness, and she began feeding the child blood and human flesh from her fiances victims. When he was caught, she was arrested with him and the truth came out.

Sadly, it was too late. Their child had developed a fixation on human flesh that would become a secret for the rest of his life. His antisocial behavior that lasted all through primary school became worse in middle school when he was diagnosed with early signs of schizophrenia. He has taken medication for it ever since.

Over the years his mother died and his father returned to America while he stayed in his mothers apartment with the money she left him. He has taken to wearing white makeup to cover his blotchy skin. In the past he raided morgues and cemeteries to feed his desire for flesh, which lead him to become a master at hiding and listening. When he found that a Yakuza gang could use his talent in exchange for meat, he took the offer.
In short, at the present time he is a graduates student, is antisocial, is on medication for signs of schizophrenia, wears white makeup to hide his skin defect (as well as a glove on his right hand), and works for a Yazuka gang in exchange for human meat.

Third person Writing Sample:

Graduates school was different from undergraduate, Zetsu had discovered, mostly in that he had less time and less classes to attend. He had found himself in his most common lunch spot, a shaded area in the park near enough to the garden for the scent to reach his nose, with chopsticks firmly in his gloved hand. It wasn't that he didn't eat regular food, like sushi, in fact he quite enjoyed it...but it wasn't nearly as good as the one thing he wished he didn't need.

How long had he been sitting here, he wondered? He hadn't touched his cucumber rolls, instead losing himself in the motions of the leaves in the trees. Had it been a few minutes? Or had he completely lost track of time and sat there for a few hours? This spot never had much sun, so there was no way he could tell.

Finally getting to eating his lunch, though it could have been time for an early dinner for all he knew, Zetsu's mind returned to where it usually was; his studies, only hoping that he wouldn't return home from work too late. That final chapter in the book he was reading was waiting for him.

Other Notes: He really is a nice person....just....a victim of unfortunate circumstance. Also, I love you guys for letting me app him <3